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Logo: Move on Sports

Move on Sports

Logo Design for a Sports management company based in Dehradun – Uttarakhand

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  1. Hello,

    I have a few clients in need of logo work – most just require enhancing what they already have. Examples of logos needing light enhancement are: http://www.CreativeBeing.Life and
    my own logo needs added enhancement, then there are some that require a complete change of logo.

    To any extent, what would you typical fee be to enhance a current logo (create equal and aligned proportions, save as 600 dpi vector, .psd, .ai and transparent backgrounds, monochrome/gray scale and full color hd versions in three sizes).

    I also have clients in need of web work (most from templates but requires java scipt, HtML 5).

    My time zone (NYC) is ET and available most of this Friday after 12pm ET
    at + 1 201 294 3697 or

    Thank you.


    Dan Scott
    Brand Architect

  2. Hi Dan,

    Sorry for replying late, Please shoot an email to for all your designing requirement. Will discuss the project over email.

    Inderjeet Dang

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